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Working @ PMG means

Working on your skills
and career

Joining a fun, young
and energetic team

Solid weekly salary +
good bonuses

Outings and events

We want you! Yeah you!

As a Brand Ambassador you enter into a conversation with potential customers. You go out with your colleagues to one of our clients. You visit different locations in the region and have the most diverse conversations.

You work for well-known brands such as AT&T and Inspire. You also decide when and how often you work.

Do you have no experience in sales yet? No problem! We offer training courses that have lifted your communication skills to a higher level in no time.



Fill in the application form and we will contact you within two working days to schedule a Zoom call and introduction at the location.

At PMG you receive your basic salary every Friday. Weekly pay 🙂

Are you a social person who likes to have fun, but who also wants to earn a nice salary? Do you think it is important to be able to develop yourself through training, but would you also like to save time and money for fun activities? Then you are definitely suitable!

At PMG you work for large well-known parties. This is how you recruit new customers for for example AT&T.

Yes, inside our retailers and here’s why: Sales is the basis of all business, and in order to truly understand business, you have to develop a deep understanding of sales. 100% of our managing partners began at the entry level in sales and marketing, positioning them to understand and empathize with the day to day challenges of their associates and developing them to be effective managers.

“Time flies when you are having fun. While working in a store or at the office at PMG, before you know it, you'll be having a drink and counting the money you made that day."

James Gonzales
Brand Ambassador

Management Training

Started from the bottom now we here. That goes for all owners and managers. We promote you on experience and achievements, not seniority. 

Through our management training, you learn how to establish, lead and perfect your team.